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Re: new binutils to test

Steve Byrne wrote:
> Eric Delaunay writes:
>  > 
>  > Hello,
>  > 
>  >   I uploaded to my site a new release of binutils compiled without -O2.
>  > It works at least for me, but I would want feedback about it.
>  > Anyone can download and test it?
>  > Thanks in advance.
> It would be good if you would repeat the URL for your site when you send
> out these kinds of messages -- many readers are deluged with email, and trying
> to remember from one week to the next the exact location of where you're 
> keeping your code may be too much for many of them -- I know it is for me :-)
> Steve

Oops, sorry.
Look at ftp://lix.polytechnique.fr/pub/Linux/debian/sparc/exp.
Files are


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