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Re: ld

> Alexey Pialkin wrote:
> > Thanx. I will get them. If you you have any ideas to test/try - please respond :)
> I replaced cc1 by a script that run strace on it.  My error in cc1 (signal 10)
> then disappeared.  It's now gcc which segfaults :-((
> You can act similarly for ld.
> Bellow are 3 set of traces: the first one shows that gcc is looking for "as"
> using some weird directory names (sparc-l, sparc-lrc-linux).
> In the second one, as cannot be found.
> In the third test, I only created a symlink name sparc-linux to /usr.
> /usr/sparc-linux/bin is then the same as /usr/bin, so gcc can now find as.
> However, in all cases gcc segfaults.
------------- strace ouput skipped -----------------

i'v tried to use strace on my ld - nothing interesting. It's also trying to open some files but at least open all of them..
Nothing exceptional. By now i am trying to build cross-compilation envrironment on nearest i386-unknown-linux to try to build
debug version and find a reason :( I have no other ideas.

(if you would like i can send my strace output to you.)
> > P.P.S. also a lot of programs from ftp.debian.org are requring ncurses 3.4
> >    which are not avaible by now :( I'v cured it by forcing but this is not a
> >    best solution.. Does anybody going to care about it or it will be my first
> >    candidat for port to Debian-Sparc :)
> I compiled ncurses months ago, however I don't remember whether I uploaded to master
> or not.  It appears I did not :-(.  BTW, you can find the binary packages at
> lix.polytechnique.fr under /pub/Linux/debian/sparc/exp.aout97.

*a.out ? Are they in a.out format ?

Alexey Pialkin

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