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Re: ld

> >  i am still getting a problems with ld(from binutils 2.8.1-2) - it just sigs 11.. I'v got ld from
> >  binutils 2.7.0(RedHats RPM packages) - the same problem. 
> You can find newer binutils at ftp://lix.polytechnique.fr/pub/Linux/exp.

Ok. I'v downloaded it. Much better but it's not a solution :) By now i am getting :

gcc hello.c
ld: warning: cannot find entry symbol _start; defaulting to 000102fc
and if i am trying to execute it i am getting Illegal instruction


just sig 6 in ld :(

hello.c is :
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

void main()
> >  If someone have ideas/tests/another ld's please - send them to me i'll surely test them all(myself i can't do
> >  anythinf :( no gdb/strace).
> You can get gdb & strace from ftp://lix.polytechnique.fr/pub/Linux/debian/sparc/tools-sparc.
> Don't forget to also download the libtermcap gdb use (gdb come from redhat
> package and is linked with libtermcap instead of ncurses :-( ).

Thanx. I will get them. If you you have any ideas to test/try - please respond :)

P.S. BTW, you are having wrong depend. in your libg++272 - groff and many others require libg++27 not libg++272.

P.P.S. also a lot of programs from ftp.debian.org are requring ncurses 3.4 which are not avaible by now :( I'v cured
   it by forcing but this is not a best solution.. Does anybody going to care about it or it will be my first 
   candidat for port to Debian-Sparc :)

Alexey Pialkin

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