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libg++, glibc & gcc


  I fixed my problem with libg++272.  It came from gcc which need to be
compiled with -fvtable-thunks enabled.
libio provided by glibc 970928 assumes the virtual tables are in new format.

The following patch should then be applied to gcc to enable this behavior by
default (it can be disabled by -fno-vtable-thunks as usual).

--- cp/decl2.c.edo	Sat Jun 29 18:26:05 1996
+++ cp/decl2.c	Mon Oct 20 12:24:55 1997
@@ -148,7 +148,7 @@
 /* True if we want to implement vtbvales using "thunks".
    The default is off now, but will be on later. */
-int flag_vtable_thunks;
+int flag_vtable_thunks = 1;
 /* True if we want to deal with repository information.  */

Well, I don't know whether I should remove the new behavior from glibc or we
should fix gcc to handle it by default.  Both formats of virtual tables seem
to be incompatible, so we have to decide which one to use.  I think we cannot
mix C++ libraries & programs compiled with different formats.  Maybe I'm wrong?

I'd appreciate any comments.
Thanks in advance.


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