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Re: new packages...

On Wed, 15 Oct 1997, Davide Barbieri wrote:

> Ciao,
> 	I have seen that Juan has uploaded 3 packages so far.
> Good, very good.

	Eric, I think we should begin uploading to master the new
version of libc6.  I think it's much better than the old one.  But...
do you have an account on master?  Do you have a pgp key in the Debian
keyring?  I can't find you...

	BTW, there is a bug in libm.so.6:

$ nm --dynamic /lib/libm.so.6 | head
         U .div
         U .rem
         U .umul
00000000 A GLIBC_2.0

	At least the two first symbols shouldn't be here, AFAIK.  This
could cause many problems...

> But could everyone say what are working on? 
> So there are no duplicated work.
> I'm working on pgp, rsa, ssh. 

	I'm trying to get libg++272 working, but it's not easy :)

> A friend of mine is compiling a lot of packages, but he is
> not yet a debian developer (do you remember what he have to do,
> to became a debian developer?).

	Yes... mail to `new-maintainer' with his pgp-key, better if
signed by another Debian Developer, with his desired login for master
and a hort description of what he's doing.

Juan Cespedes

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