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Re: beta-testers wanted for new libc6 snapshot

Juan Cespedes wrote:
> On Sun, 12 Oct 1997, Eric Delaunay wrote:
> >   I compiled libc6 with success after I disabled new profiling scheme added
> > to the dynamic loader.
> > I uploaded binary packages to my local ftp site:
> >   ftp://lix.polytechnique.fr/pub/Linux/debian/sparc/exp
> 	Could you leave anywhere the .diff.gz used to build it,
> please?  I still haven't been able to build it.

Ok, I put it at the same ftp address.
The archive "glibc-2.0.90-970928.debian-tree.tar.gz" installs all Debian files
under "debian" subdirectory.
You have to apply the following patches manually (from debian/patches
	delf-20: kernel patch to compile in batch mode
	rtld-sparc: disable profiling
The termios-sparc patch is (partially?) obsolete.  Skip it.

> 	Strange... `tar' fails only when used with more than 4
> arguments... but that way it's unusable.

I also discovered a problem with getenv() and __environ variable.  Not all
parent environment is available :-(

> 	It happens *always* when using 5 or more arguments.
> 	The constructors still don't work.  This little program
> doesn't print anything:
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> int f() __attribute__ ((constructor));
> f() { printf("Hello, world!\n"); }
> main() {}
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> 	(it should display `Hello, world!\n').

I guess the bug comes from linker.  Can you try a recent binutils (like

> 	Other thing:  less_332-1 doesn't work always... sometimes it
> fails with this:
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> root@groucho:~# ldconfig -v | less
> less: error in loading shared libraries: : symbol .rem, version
> GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time reference
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> 	(but it may be a problem with `less'...)

Did you recompiled less with the new snapshot?
I think I made a mistake in the previous snapshot that put .rem in the shared
library.  In fact, .rem is only defined is libc.a then merged into the program
you compile at link time.


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