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sparc-linux cross-compiler progress


  I successfully cross-compiled binutils & gcc then I installed native
sparc-linux libraries, like libgcc & libc5, be able to link programs for
I did a small test with the hello package.  It works :-))

I also built part of dpkg Debian package under Solaris (only dpkg, dpkg-deb
and dpkg-* scripts).  Dpkg was developed with Linux target in mind, so I have
to fix some programs to be able to build them under Solaris :-((  I did quick
hacks and they apparently work :-)

The next step was to try to build a package (eg. hello).
I ran "make -f debian/rules binary" but it failed because the "install"
program available under Solaris doesn't accept multiple directories to create.
Workaround: I installed GNU fileutils.

But now, it's ldd which fails to trace libraries a program depends on:

# dpkg-shlibdeps hello
hello: Cannot find /lib/ld-linux.so.1
ldd: hello: execution failed due to signal 9 
dpkg-shlibdeps: failure: ldd on `hello' gave error exit status 1

In fact, ldd cannot run the target program because it is for sparc-linux :-(

I imagine I have to write a new ldd program that doesn't run the target but
reads its symbol's table looking for library names.
Does anyone have already written such program?

Thanks in advance

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