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Anyone seen gcc?

I can't find a version of gcc for sparc that will link against lib6.
It's been said that a patch is on lix, but darned if I can find it.

The stock gcc keeps insisting linux-sparc doesn't even exist
(strange, since someone has apparently gotten to do it).  And
I can't build egcs natively because gperf doesn't link to libc6

	make[1]: Entering directory `/mnt/src/egcs-970825/gcc'
	gperf -p -j1 -i 1 -g -o -t -G -N is_reserved_word -k1,3,$ \
	   ./c-parse.gperf >tmp-gperf.h
	Segmentation fault

(Thats with 2.0.90-970629-1; with libc6 2.0.90-970629-1a it gives a
more spectacular error saying something or other in libc6 isn't

And though egcs builds fine on i386 as a cross-compiler, the sparc
ld.so rejects the resulting binaries.  :-(  It is a good way to test
the compilability of packages though, with dpkg-cross.

I'm loathe to link all the stuff I'm porting with the ancient libc5.

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