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ncurses & libc6


  I've compiled ncurses with my libc6 package (glibc2-970629 snaphot) but it
does'nt work well:
1/ it doesn't detect screen size (always falls to 80x24) neither in linux
console nor xterm
2/ arrow keys don't work

I traced a bit some programs and it seems that wrong key codes are sent when
I press arrow keys (I got ^[OA instead of ^[[A as expected by ncurses).
It is apparently triggered by a call to raw() or keypad() before reading input
stream (getch).

I rebuilt ncurses with libc5 to see whether it still fails or not, but now it
works.  So it could be a problem with glibc2 & tty interface :-(

I'd appreciate any help.

PS: I'm running sparclinux-2.0.30 & I'm trying to run ncurses-1.9.9g.

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