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How do I partition for SparcLinux with Solaris 2.5?

Please excuse this rudimentary question, but I have looked through the
docs I could find for both Debian and RedHat Linux distributions without 
finding an answer.

How do I make a partition "Linux Native" or "Linux Swap" with the
Solaris format command?

I have a 400mb drive in a SparcStation 2. I let Solaris partition
the drive like this (after some customization):

Part Label         Perm Start Stop Size
0    root          wm   0     967  340.31MB
1    swap          wu   968   1150  64.34MB
2    backup        wm   0     1150 404.65MB
3    unassigned    wm   0
4    unassigned    wm   0
5    unassigned    wm   0
6    unassigned    wm   0
7    unassigned    wm   0

I tried half-heartedly to change the label on 0 to "Linux Native", but 
format says "Linux unexpected".

When I try using the Debian or RedHat install programs, they say there
are no partitions set as "Linux Native" so they cannot proceed.  I was
able to use mke2fs on one of the partitions under Debian, but I have
no idea where to mount it after that to continue the installation.

If someone could give me some pointers, maybe I can describe it better
for people with an Intel-only background (like myself).

Thanks for your time,

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