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Re: SPARCStation 1 questions

> In article <97Jun4.092152edt.14824-2@prufire1.prusec.com> you wrote:
> : 	
> :     2)  Is the disk drive you have a sun spacific drive?
> : 	Because the sun4c line, sparc1 sparc2 ipc, and, ipx
> : 	will not reconize a non-sun low level formatted drive.
> Say what?  I must be missing something... the IPC and Sparcstation 1+ here
> both are running with drives pulled out of my pile... not a Sun mech in the
> bunch...
> Bdale

Same here.  If you put a new drive (or one used on a different system)
on a sun system it will complain about not recognising a label, but
just run format and label it.


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