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Re: devices for debian axp/sparc/ppc ?

On Wed, 30 Apr 1997, Eric Delaunay wrote:

> I don't know exactly which devices are sun specific but I need sunmouse, kbd &
> fb0 at least in addition to a generic set.  I think these ones are good
> candidates for generic-sparc:
> system,
> std, floppy-small,
> ttyS0, ttyS1, ttyS2, ttyS3,
> links, printer, isdn-tty, isdn-io,
> sunmouse,		/* gpm */
> framebuffer,kbd,	/* needed for X11 */
> audio, std-tty,
> std-hd, scd, st, sg

You would also want to add /dev/openprom to that list as well.

> I need a device for nfs-root partition. Actually I use /dev/nfs declared as
> block device, major 0, minor 1, but I don't know if these attributes are
> really used.  Kernel documentation about nfsroot says that it's not a real
> device but just a synonym to tell the kernel to use NFS instead of a real
> device.  To be able to boot via network on Sparc, I have to create this device
> on the server's mount point (I put it in a root.tgz image that looks like
> root.bin from boot floppies).

You shouldn't need to have a /dev/nfs. When you do a "root=/dev/nfs" on
the kernel command line, the kernel just checks an array of device names.
There is no attempt to open any userland file at all. See the routine
parse_root_dev() in linux/init/main.c for more information.


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