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Re: libreadline & bash

> I would suggest that when you port code to the SPARC you check Red Hat
> Source RPMS for the patchs the SparcLinux team did for the port to
> avoid creating incompatible versions of the programs.

Thanks for the idea.  I have checked RedHat sources and discovered one
difference between patches: bash uses termcap under redhat but should use
ncurses under debian.

> Many patches have been sent to the maintainers but have not been
> released yet.  

Is there a list of such patches ?
Also, when a package needs a patch, we must send patches to real maintainer,
but do we wait the updated sources reach the ftp site before uploading the
sparc binary ?
In fact, I don't know wether I can release a binary package that is not in
sync w/ its sources.


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