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Re: libreadline & bash

Eric Delaunay wrote:
[some problems with my bash.deb for sparc]

yes, it's true; the bash debian packages I have built
is wrong. I hope you were better than me! :-)

We must start to upload packages on master.debian.org.
But the connection is too slow for me...

> I don't know what change you have made to bash sources.  Mine is just on one
> header file (machines.h): I've copied declarations from Linux/m68k then
> customized labels to be sparc.  Apparently it works just fine for me.

I have simply recompiled the sources available from debian.
No changes: dpkg-source -x bash-xx.dsc and then dpkg-buildpackage

I think that this is the easy way. There are a lot of packages,
that only need recompiling on sparc, to have them ported.
This is also the best way, to have a single source to be
compiled for every platform on which debian runs.


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