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Re: Debian Sparc Linux

Bdale Garbee wrote:
> > Ok, but you know. I can't access that directory: permission denied.
> Hmmm.  It appears that the directory tree presented to anonymous logins is 
> not the same one that is presented to registered package developers.  Hmmm. 
> I'll see about getting you a login on master.  

ok, now I have it; so I finally got the packages in Stage1

> In the meantime, to help avoid duplication of effort, here's what I've 
> built so far:
> 	$ ls -R sparc
> 	README  Stage1

Ok. Do you have any hint on how build the packages?

I'm new to Debian, or at least, to Debian packages building.

Have I to unpack the source and try to recompile?
Are there something to change (like the mantainer)?

> I've mostly concentrated on the packages that are in the new source packaging
> format.  If you want to start by taking the "base" packages that I haven't
> built and seeing if you can get Stage1 .deb's for some or all of those, that 
> would be a good deal.

Until now, I have try to install/unistall some packages
and everything seems to go well. I'm not sure with "base" packages.
I don't want to make my sparc unbootable.

> One of the hacks I've pulled is to symlink /etc/init.d and the /etc/rc*.d
> directories to their RedHat counterparts in /etc/rc/, so that as I install
> things, like xntpd, that need daemon launches, they actually do the right
> things.

done it.

> > What debian for Sparc need?
> Almost everything.  :-)  As of now, you and I are "it".
> We need a complete set of base packages to build a base system from, and we
> need enough of the devel packages built (plus other random things) so that once
> we can bootstrap a base system, it can be a self-hosting development for
> further package builds... and a clean rebuild of all of the low-level packages.

yes, obviously!



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