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Re: Debian Sparc Linux

In article <199612171442.PAA04936@chiara.dei.unipd.it> you wrote:
: Can someone give me a pointer to check
: the status of the Debian porting?

A few of us are working on it in our spare time, but there isn't enough done
yet to install. 

: I have an LX, with RedHat running on it, but I want Debiannn!!! :-)

If it's running RedHat 4.0, you have everything you need to help us get some
packages built for the stage-1 bootstrapping effort.  If you're interested in
helping, let me know, and I'll find time to post a note explaining where all
the work to date is stored and how to bootstrap yourself to a hybrid system 
that can be used for building .deb's.


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