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Re: I'm here, finally...

>Hey!  It's at least as fast running compiles as my Microvax II...  :-)

I wouldn't have admitted *that*.  :-)

>Actually, all I want to do is get an installable Debian base system built, 
>with the usual development tools... my hope is that if that much is done, some
>set of folks with faster Sparc boxes they actually care about having running
>will get excited and pick up the effort...

It has to start somewhere.

>: The SPARC kernel is basically not part of the main 2.0 source tree in any 
>: respect whatsoever.
>I hadn't realized that.  Thanks for the recalibration.

Forgot one thing...kernel snapshots come from Dave Miller, and are
available at vger.rutgers.edu via FTP.  You can find them on 
ftp.redhat.com from our mirror as well.  Dave is working to sync with
Linus on 2.1, but that isn't complete yet, so 2.1 snapshots also still
need to come from vger.  Those are only for the really masochistic,
*especially* on the SPARC.  ;-)


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