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Re: I'm here, finally...

>The extreme flakiness I was experiencing turned out to be a broken pin on a
>SCSI terminator.  I found and fixed that in the process of adding extra disk,
>and the system has been much more stable since.  The machine now has 12meg RAM,
>a 400meg root/swap disk, and 3 660meg disks "to do stuff on".  Some or all of
>the latter may be reallocated once my Alpha box arrives.

Wow.  Hope you don't plan on building X there.  :-)

>For the RedHat folks on the list... the install went really smoothly with a
>boot floppy and an NFS-mounted copy of the distribution.  As Bruce has 
>mentioned already, I was startled at needing a graphics head, and had to drive
>down to work and borrow one to get past the install.  Now (post-install), I'm 
>using a serial console, and it works fine until the "Adding Swap:" line, at
>which time it goes deaf/dumb.  I can log in fine over the network once it
>gets inetd up, but I'd like to get the serial console actually working.  Any
>hints on where to look?  

Well, I seem to recall something about that on the sparc-list@redhat.com.
You Debian folks are welcomed to subscribe there...send a "subscribe" to
sparc-list-request@redhat.com.  I think you just need to link /dev/tty
to your serial port or something.  Alan Cox posted a long note on the
specifics, but I don't have it handy now.

At a *minimum*, you should all be on sparclinux@vger.rutgers.edu.  It's
majordomo based...it's where you can reach Dave about general kernel 
and libc issues.

>It also appears that there are some changes from the
>Linus-standard kernel trees.  Are these changes documented anywhere, or should
>I recursively diff one of your kernel trees against a clean distribution tree
>to see for myself?

I wouldn't do that if I were you...you won't like the megs and megs that
pop out.  The SPARC kernel is basically not part of the main 2.0 source
tree in any respect whatsoever.  We consider our system stable because
we trust Dave Miller as much as we trust Linus himself, but the SPARC kernel
doesn't come through Helsinki yet.  The changes are mostly merged now into
2.1, and that merge should be done pretty soon...Dave is maintaining the
2.0 tree actively as well and it is being kept to bug fixes (like Linus'

>Plugging along slowly (which is as fast as an IPC can go!)...

Well, we have two of them, so I'd say you're right on the money.  We
did most of our development early on a Classic, which is about twice 
as fast.  Now we still only have an SS5 as the main machine, which is
about a fast 486 in terms of building.  Not ideal by any stretch.  But,
we'll have a hyperSPARC based machine soon...


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