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Re: 1.2 on SPARC

Well, I probably can't say too much since I haven't installed it
personally yet...  I've only watched others install it so far.
Mainly, it's the underlying concepts.  I think it's a great
distribution to exist, it gets lots of people using it, but
little things like the Control panel just bother me for some
reason. :)  fvwm-95 comes to mind as well, but I realize that
isn't specific to Red Hat.

Currently, it's that I'm having no end of trouble installing it
on my ss10.  However, it would probably help a lot if I went and
bought a cd-rom drive and ordered a Red Hat Sparc cd, then go
'boot cdrom'.  Makes it really easy (at least hopefully).  I'm
just grumbling about the $99.50, plus ~200 for the cdrom drive,
plus 50 for the cable, plus....

The "Toll free 800 or 888 number cannot be reached from your
calling area" message didn't help either.

Donnie Barnes <djb@redhat.com> wrote:
 > Careful...there are Red Hat folk here.  :-)
 > What, may I ask, do you find so annoying?
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