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Re: Snapshot of November 27, 1995

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> I'm using currently the Debian packages and the compiled results (the
> only problem is that I mostly manually copied the resulting
> executables) is on vger.  
> BTW, since I'm fixing and changing the libc frequently, I would like
> to know if Debian has a way to recompile all of it's packages from
> zero.

Not that I know of as yet. This would be a useful feture but as it is you 
would have to set it all up so that it would recurse the sub-trees. If 
this was all there was too it then we wouldn't need many maintainers :)

I plan on have a machine with about 2 gigs of drive online soon so that 
people can access it. I am willing to give out "numerous" accounts for 
development purposes only.

If someone would try to get init inetd and in.telnetd working well then 
this would be better so this task.


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