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Re: About Bulk PAckage Retrieval

fatih durmaz <fatih.durmaz@imdea.org> writes:

> Hello,
> I am research intern working on systems security in Imdea Software
> institute. I couldn't see a way to download all packages for a certain 
> snapshot. I have tried downloading packages one by one but now the
> rate-limiter doesn't allow me anymore.
> Is there a way to get bulk data from snapshot debian page? I need it
> for my research and I would really appreciate your help.

I think we are all suffering trying to get data out of snapshot.  I'm
screen-scraping data from the server to rescue as much data as possible
in case it is lost forever.  Hopefully hosting of it can be moved and
improved but that will take months and I don't see any signs that the
current situation will get better.  By todays standards snapshot doesn't
contain a lot of data -- 3 big SSD disks holds it all -- so I think
distributing it effectively shouldn't be as painful as it is now.


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