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Bug#969603: snapshot.debian.org: please provide a machine readable list of snapshot timestamps

Package: snapshot.debian.org
Severity: wishlist


this wishlist bug was made in the context of the development of
debbisect: https://salsa.debian.org/debian/devscripts/-/merge_requests/177/

Currently, the debbisect tool makes use of the feature of snapshot.d.o
which allows to request an arbitrary timestamp and still get valid data.
The debbisect tool stops when two timestamps are closer than six hours

While this works reasonably well, it currently makes it impossible to
implement a way where the user can skip a certain snapshot because we
don't know which snapshot a timestamp was resolving to and we cannot
compute the next snapshot before or after the skipped one.

Thus my wishlist bug: please provide a machine readable way to retrieve
all timestamps that snapshot.d.o collected data for.


cheers, josch

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