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Missing debian-debug snapshots and packages

Hi folks,

I'm new here. First of all, I must thank the maintainers of the
snapshot.debian.org site. It is really invaluable to me. Thank you
very much!

I have noted some missing stuff on the site after playing with it for
some time, however. Not sure if they are either known issues or just
decisions made intentionally, or even asked here before. I apologize
if this is a FAQ. The missing things I've noted are

1. I found no dbgsym packages for Jessie through the debian-debug
archive. Is it because it reached its official EOL?

2. I've noted that the most recent 2 months (Aug 2019 and Sep 2019)
have no snapshots at all under debian-debug:


But the debian/ archive does:


It'll be great if we can have the data back at least for 2).

Thanks a lot for your attention and help!


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