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FYI: nd_freeze tool to freeze your APT sources using snapshots.d.o

Just FYI 
to all wonderful developers and maintainers of the snapshots.d.o,
and its users:

neurodebian-freeze package in Debian now provides a small perl
script which would take care about freezing your apt lines for Debian
and NeuroDebian APT repositories to a specific date.

It is still WiP and bugs being fixed as we speak [e.g. 2] but in
general it works quite nicely.  Use-cases:

- reproducible Docker image builds

  ATM rebuilding a docker image from a Dockerfile might produce
  differently functioning image because packages aren't typically pinned

  Adding invocation of e.g.
  nd_freeze  2018/05/18

  right at the top of your Docker or Singularity recipe would freeze
  existing APT lines to that date.  So upon rebuild of the docker image
  you should get functionally the same image
- troubleshooting/bisecting development environments

  e.g. here [3] is a Singularity file to establish environment of Debian
  testing (buster) in the past which I used in a semi-blind attempt to
  troubleshoot regression in git-annex.  So it was very easy to get a
  "past" development environment by changing a single line

nd_freeze is available from neurodebian-freeze package and also
pre-installed in all neurodebian docker base images, so it could
literally be the first line among your commands in the recipe)

Use, testing, contributions are all welcomed!  We hope you find it
useful (CCing Matt - the nd_freezer's code author)

[1] https://github.com/neurodebian/neurodebian/blob/master/tools/nd_freeze
[2] https://github.com/neurodebian/neurodebian/pull/50
[3] https://github.com/datalad/datalad/blob/master/tools/Singularity.git-annex-dev

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