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Bug#912524: snapshot.debian.org is unreachable from (apparently)

Package: snapshot.debian.org
Severity: important

Mozilla uses snapshot.debian.org as a way to generate deterministic
docker images for its CI. Those docker images are built from Amazon EC2
instance, and we've had recurring intermittent errors connecting to
snapshot.debian.org. After having been able to observe the problem first
hand (as in, with shell access), I've determined some interesting

- While I originally was assuming that snapshot.debian.org was just
  down at the time we were getting the errors, it turns out it *is*
  available from other places of the internet (like other EC2 instances
  or my own machine at home).
- When that happens, *both* snapshot.debian.org IPv4 addresses are
  unreachable ( and
- Traceroute stops at the last router before those hosts. That is, the
  first "* * *" hop is where, on a machine where it's reachable,
  snapshot.debian.org would appear.
- Looking back at the logs from all the jobs we've had in the past
  failing to reach snapshot.debian.org (or at least, marked as such),
  the IP addresses of the hosts they were running on (as well as the IP
  address of the host I had direct access to and that couldn't connect
  to snapshot.debian.org) were all in the block[1].


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