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Bug#905687: snapshot.debian.org: openssl 1.0.1t-1+deb8u9 not indexed?

Peter Palfrader schrieb am Thursday, dem 16. August 2018:

> Apparently we haven't done indexing in a while.  It's possible that we
> forgot to re-enable this after the move of master from sibelius to
> sallinen.


We are running the indexing jobs.  But they are failing.

/srv/snapshot.debian.org/bin/snapshot:228:in `query_row': More than one result when querying for SELECT binpkg_id AS id FROM binpkg WHERE name=? AND version=? AND srcpkg_id=?. (RuntimeError)
        from /srv/snapshot.debian.org/bin/snapshot:806:in `add_pkg'
        from /srv/snapshot.debian.org/bin/snapshot:825:in `add_binpkg'
        from /srv/snapshot.debian.org/bin/snapshot:1058:in `index_binary_package'
        from /srv/snapshot.debian.org/bin/snapshot:1199:in `block in index_mirrorrun_from_parsing'
        from /srv/snapshot.debian.org/bin/snapshot:214:in `query'
        from /srv/snapshot.debian.org/bin/snapshot:1196:in `index_mirrorrun_from_parsing'
        from /srv/snapshot.debian.org/bin/snapshot:1222:in `index_mirrorrun'
        from /srv/snapshot.debian.org/bin/snapshot:1245:in `block in index'
        from /srv/snapshot.debian.org/bin/snapshot:214:in `query'
        from /srv/snapshot.debian.org/bin/snapshot:1241:in `index'
        from /srv/snapshot.debian.org/bin/snapshot:1371:in `index'
        from /srv/snapshot.debian.org/bin/snapshot:1480:in `<main>'

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