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Please use gzip "--no-name" flag on ftp.debian.org

I submitted a bug against pseudopackage ftp.debian.org but it seems it got lost somehow. 

On Saturday, 7 January 2017, Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> wrote:
On 14536 March 1977, Oren Tirosh wrote:
> The timestamp stored in the gzip file header results in a non-deterministic
> output even when the input is identical. Many files (e.g. under indices/)
> [...]

> The quick fix is to add "--no-name" to the gzip command (or GZIP=-n to the
> environment). A better fix would be to generate a temporary file, compare
> it to the current file and replace the file only if not identical. This
> will preserve the timestamp of the original file and should help some
> mirroring protocols.

I implemented the quick-fix now in dak, simple and quick fixes rock.
Next dinstall run will either break or should have this nicety, lets

Thanks for the report!

bye, Joerg

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