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Identify snapshot based on Release file Date:

Hi Peter at al,

I wondered if there is a quick "ready" way to given a datetime from the
Release file, to jump to the snapshot which would include that
Release file.

Assuming that everything is nicely in sync, it should be the snapshot
NEXT after the one snapshot.d.o would redirect me to if I simply enter
that date in url, since it would "round down". E.g. if I have Release
file from
which contains date
Fri, 02 Oct 2009 15:22:39 UTC ==  20091002T112239Z, so if I go to
I would be redirected to snapshot "before" that Release file datetime:

So I wondered if there is any client API (i.e. without looking to the
DB, or scraping dates/urls from month(s) views) to jump to the
"rounded up/ceiling" snapshot, not down?  or may be just to the 'next'
from the current one?

Thanks in advance for the hint(s) and sorry if I have missed some
obvious way.
Yaroslav O. Halchenko
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