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Re: cli tool

On Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 6:01 PM, Dimitris Rongotis wrote:

> would it make sense to have a cli tool to get package information from the
> snapshot archive?

There is currently debsnap and manually interacting with the API using

> something like this https://github.com/dimr/debsnapshot-cli (work in
> progress)

This has a couple of features that are not in debsnap yet.

BTW, some Python coding tips:

Please do not use os.system. Instead use the subprocess module without
using shell=True.

Also don't use su as you have to pass it a shell script rather than a
list of arguments. Instead use sudo.

Don't hard-code things that are likely to change (DEBIAN_PORTS for example).

> Apart from debsnap (devscripts package), i do not know any other tool that
> interacts with this repo.
> does something similar exist what i am not ware of?

I am not aware of anything other than debsnap and what you wrote.



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