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Bug#769500: snapshot.debian.org: Importing of new versions not working?

Package: snapshot.debian.org
Severity: important


Disclaimer, I have not looked closer from which date this seems to
happen. I was looking for older versions of binutils uploaded to
unstable to check for the issues in the security-tracker and noticed
that the last one on snapshot.d.o is

For unstable since then there were at least,,

I checked some other random packages and noticed that the same is
there for e.g. gnutls28: on snapshot the latest available versions are
3.3.9-1 and 3.3.8-3, where in the archive we have 3.3.10-1
(experimental) and 3.3.8-4 (unstable) currently. glibc 2.19-13

libdigest-sha-perl for example latest version on snapshot.d.o is
5.92-1 where 5.93-1 was uploaded Sun, 26 Oct 2014.

[I have not tried to restrict the date from which on the versions
do not seem anymore to be on snapshots.]


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