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Re: Debian snapshot.debian.org replica on the Amazon cloud?

On Sun, 05 Jan 2014, James Bromberger wrote:

> Our first pass at transferring snapshot package files to S3 has
> finished; I am doing a second pass now (this may take a few days,
> whereas the initial copy has taken several weeks).
> I have found a bunch of files that are not readable:
> WARNING: File can not be uploaded:
> /srv/farm-snapshot/farm-misc/00/ee/00ee42d06e
> ef4960162dc1e83cd33aa60728d5c9: Permission denied
> These seem to exist across the farm of files. Does anyone know if these
> should be made available, or if they should no longer be available?

They are not redistributable.  See http://snapshot.debian.org/removal/

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