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Bug#646897: RM: qcad, qcad-data, qcad-doc and partlibrary -- ROM contains non-free stuff

2011/10/28 Peter Palfrader <weasel@debian.org>:
> On Tue, 11 Oct 2011, Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer wrote:
>> Me again. It turns out that QCad (qcad, qcad-data, qcad-doc), precursor of
>> Librecad, contains non-free stuff too. This is valid for all versions that
>> have been in Debian. I'll forward the appropiate bug numbers asap.
> I guess, from what I have read elsewhere, that not only are these things
> non-free, but we have no licenses whatsoever to re-distribute these
> files.  Is that correct?
> (merely being non-free shouldn't cause files to be removed from snapshot
> if we can still distribute them).

That is correct. When lisandro and I became involved in the LibreCAD
fork of QCAD, I adopted QCAD to keep it alive until LibreCAD could
supersede it.

The problem is that upstream's website said GPLv2 all over the
downloads section and included the text of GPL in the downloaded
package. The original packagers must have assumed that everything they
downloaded from them was GPLv2 (even partlibrary, which doesn't come
with a license header at all). Recently the upstream author clarified
that he himself does not have any license to partlibrary and that he
didn't 't want the fonts and help licensed at all (all rights
reserved). He has since rewritten the distribution/download section of
his site to reflect that.

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