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snapshots.debian.org hashes?

Hi Peter,

For the Debian derivatives census I'd like to be able to check if a
particular source package from a Debian derivatve is modified from
Debian's version or not. I was thinking if I could check the hashes from
the derivative source packages against the hashes of all source packages
ever uploaded to Debian, I could easily find out which source packages
are just old Debian source packages rather than modified Debian source
packages or original derivative-specific source packages. IIRC
snapshots.d.o is hash-based or something like that? For the purposes of
the derivatives stuff just MD5 hashes would be enough.

So I was wondering how big the list of hashes for Debian .dsc files is
and or what would be the best way to query that list of hashes. 

PS: no hurry on this, just doing exploratory research.



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