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Re: Source repositories for powerpcspe port

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior schrieb am Freitag, dem 10. Juni 2011:

>> Yeah the short-lived package problem seems like a plausible theory,
>> given that snapshot lists a source for the subsequent version 1.4.6-1.1:
>>   http://snapshot.debian.org/package/libzrtpcpp/1.4.6-1.1/
> Yes. So we have the orig.tar.gz for 1.4.6-1 it is just not linked there.
> We miss however .dsc and .diff.gz for it. I Cc d-snapsnot@l.d.o on that.

We also have a .dsc and a .diff.gz for it:

They just haven't been indexed correctly.  I wonder why.

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