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Bug#610303: Bug#610300: dropbox 1.0.17 distribution now complies to copyright complaints

In response to Mike, you wouldn't find the source code for the Dropbox daemon in any release, as it is proprietary (but still distributable, hence non-free). However, Dropbox's Nautilus plugin is open source, and licensed under the GPLv3 (Rian, please correct me if I'm wrong). Ivan's original Dropbox package in Debian never included the Nautilus plugin though.

I'm a Dropbox + Debian user (and aspiring packager/contributor), so I would be interested in adopting and maintaining this package if Ivan no longer wants to take care of it. I'm very much new at Debian packaging; I've learned the basics during Google Code-In a month ago, but I would definitely appreciate the help of anybody with more experience, and I would also need a sponsor to upload my package once it's done. I'm willing to put in the time necessary to ensure that debian/copyright is compliant with the Debian Policy, but again, I'll need some guidance to do so.

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~ Vincent Cheng <Vincentc1208@gmail.com>

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