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Bug#610303: Bug#610300: dropbox 1.0.17 distribution now complies to copyright complaints


Am 25.01.2011 00:41, schrieb Rian Hunter:

> we recently released a distribution of dropbox that corrects all the
> complains listed in these debian bug reports. thanks for the feedback,
> please let me know if there is anything i can do to make dropbox comply
> to any more possible copyright requirements. get the new build at:

Thanks for keeping us updated, however, dropbox has been removed from
the Debian archive in the meantime, one of the reasons was, that it's
maintainer expressed, that he didn't had any interest in maintaining
dropbox in Debian.

Of course there are no reasons that's no permanent ban; should a new
volunteer step up to maintain dropbox in Debian (or the former
maintainer change his opinion), dropbox can be added to the Debian
archive again.

Best regards,
  Alexander, ftp-assistant

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