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snapshot.debian.net vhost

Hello Yutaka,

snapshot.debian.*org* has been available for some time now, and
thanks to your great help it has most, if not all the data also on

snapshot.debian.net still exists and therefore users regularly get
confused into using the old service which hasn't updated in a while.

We would like to fix this, and point snapshot.debian.net to the new
service at debian.org.  At the same time however, I would like to still
keep the old site accessible to users who want to access it.

Could you maybe add a new vhost on your server ( so that
when clients access it as snapshot-historical.debian.net they would get
the same content they currently see at snapshot.debian.net?

Then we could point s.d.net to .org, and simply link the -historical
from there.

Thanks for your time,
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