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Last call!!

Last chance to jump on!


Jenn here with your final invite to tonight’s training call. The lines are almost all filled up so… If you haven’t registered I suggest you do it now.



Register ME!



My guest tonight is a good friend and real estate attorney who just happens to be the Nation’s Authority when it comes to short sales. His firm negotiates deals in the background for a lot of the prominent investors in our community.

The deals are literally everywhere these days but the challenge is knowing which ones to go after and which ones to avoid.

In an area of investing where the rules change daily, you need to know where you can turn for knowledge. Relying on a home study course for short sale education no longer makes sense.

Jump on tonight’s call and get up to speed with what working in today’s market as well as-

-How you can eliminate 95% of heavy lifting

-How to tap into a virtually endless supply of leads

-The 3 mistakes almost all short sale investors make

-How to end the deal flow roller coaster


Claim my seat


Oh and if you just happen to want nothing to do with the whole short sale process (I’m not a big fan myself)  We’re going to show you how to take those leads that come across your desk (We all get them) and turn them into cash by  handing them off and going back to what you do best.

See you tonight,


Jenn Kennedy

P.S. Tonight’s guest has been so busy with his own deals and client partnerships that he has stopped speaking at boot camps and seminars. If you have any interest in learning more this may be your only opportunity for a long time…


[Final call]

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5260 Chapman Street San Diego, CA 92110-5694

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