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Submitting missing packages ?


I just noticed that snapshots lack a couple of versions of the memtest86 and
memtest86+ packages, which I happen to still have on my HD.  I lack
the orig tarball for a couple of them which are not on the upstream website
any more, but I guess I could ask upstream author for them.

I don't find a procedure for this on the snapshots website.  Should I just
make them available on people.d.o or anywhere else ?

Maybe a list of missing package versions could be made available ?  I guess
that I have indeed on various HDs here at least all the diff's and dsc's I
ever uploaded - many binaries and upstream source tarballs will be gone, however,
some of them possibly not possible to find again (eg. bigloo upstream snapshots,
which could be possible to get from VCS, although getting the pristine archive
could be problematic).  Those diffs could still be useful for reference, but I
suppose this is such a special case there is no support for this in the snapshot
service, right ?

Indeed, if all of this would be in snapshot, it could even spare me those MB of
local archive :)

Best regards,

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