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On Wed, 31 May 2000, Roger So wrote:
> Although I have an XLC_LOCALE for Big5HKSCS that works for me at the
> moment, it requires users to have a single font that includes both
> standard Big5 and HKSCS extension characters.  I have been lucky to
> have such a "unified" font; however I don't think it would be useful
> for other people since generally HKSCS fonts are distributed 
> separately from standard Big5 fonts.
> I'm now working on an XLC_LOCALE that lets X use standard Big5 fonts
> for "standard" characters (0xA1xx-0xF9xx), and extended fonts for
> other characters.  However I don't know how to get X to distinguish
> between these two character ranges.

I don't know either, but maybe you are looking for something like
the "font-linking" in Mozilla or Java, if one is to use more than two
font files.

Perhaps the Big5 + HKSCS situation can be handled like how the Japanese
EUC-JP encoding works, which includes the JIS X 0208 and JIS X 0212
character sets, but there are separate font files for those two character
sets (with different XFLD names).  Or the Taiwanese EUC-TW encoding, which
has the CNS 11643 character set, but each plane is a separate font file
with its own XFLD.  In other words, keep the Big5 font as one font with a 
"big5" XFLD and the HKSCS font as a second font with a "hkscs" XFLD or
something, and define a new character set like "big5hkscs" which has to
know to get glyphs from those two fonts/xfld's.  Just as one wouldn't use
JIS X 0212 alone or CNS 11643 plane 5 alone, one isn't going to use HKSCS
by itself.

And a question of my own...

I do have a question about the ranges, though--does the basic Big5 ranges
include the ETen extensions in C6A1-C8D3 (kana and other symbols), and
F9D6-F9FE (seven hanzi and boxes)?  It seems like a de facto extension,
and some "Big5" fonts out there include some or part of it.  (Ones from
Microsoft don't include the C6A1-C8D3 part, but only the latter.)  Other
fonts include it but are marked with "ETen" in the XFLD somewhere, and
even some marked that way are actually missing them.

HKSCS in http://www.digital21.gov.hk/eng/hkscs/download/e_hkscs.pdf
apparently includes all of the Eten extensions (see pages 2-41 to 2-44)
as part of its definition, as well as adding new stuff to the C8 row.
I recall that Big5+ also included the Eten extensions as well.

So, does this mean that the ETen extensions are a "de facto" standard,
reinforced by post-Big5 standards that include it as a subset, and we
assume "Big5" fonts without them are "broken"?  What if one is using one
of these "Big5" fonts that don't have all of the ETen extensions, in
conjunction with a HKSCS font, but because of the way the
coderanges are defined, one can't make use of the available glyphs in
the latter?

Thomas Chan

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