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LinuxPR: Linux Internationalization Initiative makes Draft Specification available for public review
"Linux Internationalization Initiative (Li18nux)
   announced today that the LI18NUX2000 draft Globalization specification is now
   available on the LI18NUX Web site (http://www.li18nux.net) for public review."

"The LI18NUX2000 specification includes the best of Globalization functionality that
   commercial UNIX systems have successfully implemented. By conforming to the
   LI18NUX2000 specification, application programmers will benefit from
   UNICODE-based multi-lingual capabilities in a portable manner across Linux
   distributions and UNIX systems." 

   "Since the LI18NUX2000 v1 specification, targeted to be available in August
   2000, relies only proven and well-defined internationalization technologies, we
   believe that Linux distributions who confirm to the specification can release
   internationalized versions within this year," said Akio Kido, Co-chair for Asia
   Pacific Region.

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