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EE Times: Intel backs Chinese Linux

"Seven local and overseas Linux developers announced plans to establish
technical support centers to be
                       overseen by the China Software Industry Association
                       and backed by Intel Corp. The centers will focus
                       on boosting
 Chinese software applications based
                       on Linux through technical and product assistance
                       to local software vendors...."

"Supporting "development of Chinese Linux software is one of CSIA's
important tasks," said Tianxing Yang, the
                       group's president. He said the centers' mission
                       is to leverage Linux to drive electronic commerce
                       along with hastening
 government and industry
                       online projects."

"Ministry of Information Industry officials said they have closely
monitored Linux's progress in China. Besides
                       sponsoring a series of Linux-related events
                       in China, the ministry also has been very
                       active in unifying international
 standards for
                       Linux. Ministry officials said they want to drive
                       the Linux industry though both internationalization
 localization efforts."

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