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Re: Configuration problems[GNOME, xcin]

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>>>>> "omnibus" == omnibus bbs <omnibus.bbs@engbbs.ust.hk> writes:

    omnibus> First, after upgrading xcin and crxvt(rxvt-ml), I can't input
    omnibus> Chinese anymore.  The control-shift does not response. The only
    omnibus> way to make it work again is prepending "LD_PRELOAD=lcGen.so"
    omnibus> to commands.  Is there a better method to solve this problem?

Strange.  I never had to use any preload library under the current version
of libc6 for displaying Chinese.  Did you use "crxvt -im xcin" to start

    omnibus> Another problem I encountered is GNOME does not display
    omnibus> Chinese.  I've modified /etc/locale.alias to let gdm show the
    omnibus> selection for zh_TW.Big5.  This doesn't help much but make
    omnibus> GNOME show strings of mysterious symbols.  Any solution?

The problem is that somehow Gtk think that the locale to use is "zh_TW.big5"
(note the case of "b") instead of "zh_TW.Big5".  The quick and dirty
solution is of course to link /etc/gtkrc.zh_TW.Big5 to gtkrc.zh_TW.big5 in
the same directory.  But I still wonder why we need to do such stupid things
instead of fixing gtk.

Of course, if you do not have installed xfs-tt and some true-type fonts, or
if you want to use the fixed-width fonts in potato, the default 14 point
pixel width /etc/gtkrc.zh_TW.Big5 is plain stupid.  Change it to 16 and you
will be fine.


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