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Re: a newbie's question

Thank you for your reply!

In fact, I don't really understand what you mean about the
/etc/apt/sources.list thingy *grin*, but I'll do my research on it.
Besides, I need to set the ethernet right up first. (I'm not using PPP, I
connect to internet thru another gateway)

It seems that they've changed a lot on network configuration, where shall
I look for the lastest information about the network setup? The How-to
seems to be pretty outdated about it, at least in Debian's potato

I think I shall try potato, however, even I'm using broadband internet
connection, my crappy Cute-FTP in M$Windows always hang up while
downloading whole directory of potato, and ISO image of potato is not

Anyone would tell me how to use Linux(RedHat)'s FTP to download the
distribution while keeping the whole directory structure like cute-ftp
does? I think Linux will not hang me up. :)

Thank you!


On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, Anthony Fok wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 01:42:51AM +0800, Dragon wrote:
> > First I can't configure the X to recognize my Matrox G200, all I can use
> > is VGA16(other mode simple failed), which is untolerable. Redhat
> > automatically recognize my G200.
> You are using Debian 2.1, aren't you?  :-)  The XFree86 in Debian 2.1
> (Slink) is severely outdated.  Fortunately, there is a XFree86 3.3.4
> built for slink.  Add this line to /etc/apt/sources.list:
> deb http://samosa.debian.org/%7Ebranden/ slink/
> and I am sure you know how to do the rest of the magic with dselect and
> apt-get.  For more information about X on Debian, see
> "http://www.debian.org/~branden/xsf.html";.
> > Second, I am using 3Com's 3c905c, and in 3Com's website there is a driver
> > source for Linux, that's great. However, after I created the modules
> > 3c90x.o and put it in the right directory, add a line 'alias eth0 3c90x'
> > in /etc/conf.modules. The network simply not responding no matter how I
> > tried, even I set the right IP/mask/gateway. I do the same with Redhat and
> > it works.
> I am not sure which version of modutils you're using.  In the latest Debian
> potato, /etc/conf.modules has been renamed to /etc/modules.conf (when?  I
> don't know.  I just noticed the change.)  Also, on potato, you do NOT edit
> /etc/conf.modules or /etc/modules.conf directly, but rather, you edit the
> files in /etc/modutils/.  Don't know if it applies though.
> You might be able to find more help on the debian-users mailing list or on
> the #debian channel on irc.debian.org.
> Hope this helps,
> Anthony
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