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a newbie's question

I'm glad to be in this mailing list. I'm using RedHat 6.1 and installed
all the chinese fonts to browse chinese documents.

I always think that Debian is technologically superior than the RedHat I'm
using, but I've not choice. I need to use Linux, but I failed to get
X and ethernet in Debian to work.

First I can't configure the X to recognize my Matrox G200, all I can use
is VGA16(other mode simple failed), which is untolerable. Redhat
automatically recognize my G200.

Second, I am using 3Com's 3c905c, and in 3Com's website there is a driver
source for Linux, that's great. However, after I created the modules
3c90x.o and put it in the right directory, add a line 'alias eth0 3c90x'
in /etc/conf.modules. The network simply not responding no matter how I
tried, even I set the right IP/mask/gateway. I do the same with Redhat and
it works.

Anyone could help me?

Thank you!


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