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Re[2]: BluePoint Linux (The Chinese GNU/LINUX distro. from Network studio) is out


Sunday, December 19, 1999, 6:46:50 AM, you wrote:

imcet> Unfortunately, 

imcet> I do not think we can find patch of the kernel in 

imcet> http://ftp.openunix.org:81/pub/bluepoint/1.0/updates/
imcet> kernel-source-2.2.13-1.i386.rpm

imcet> Maybe they are playing their own game ...

I see. So they do not provide patches. They simply release
the patched source. You can 'diff' it if you want to see
what they did. But I am not so interested in 'hack the kernel
to get a Chinese console' idea for now. :) I hope kernel
2.5.x will have wide char font support included.

Ah, you can release your 'diff' result. It is GPLed, isn't

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