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BluePoint Linux (The Chinese GNU/LINUX distro. from Network studio) is out

Hello debian-chinese,

  The distro. is out with source this time. :) I believe they have done
some nls translations. Debian could include the translations.
I did not use the distro. ,so someone have to verify these.
Beside, if we really want to include their work, some coordination
with guys in that project should be done at the first.

  Oh, they have kernel patch and X server patch too but I don't think
the approach will be taken by the Debian Chinese project.

P.S. This stupid china.com messed up my hashao@china.com mail account.
They provide pop3 account. But damn, the server is UNSTABLE! It is brought
down so often that I suspect it is setup on a windows 95 box. And they
never return your email for their bad services. It is free, so what I
complain for? Just drop it and pick another free mailbox.

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year!!
 hashao                          mailto:hashao@telebot.com

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