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Re: Turbo Linux推出簡體中文4.0.2升級版

LUK ShunTim writes:
 > Anthony Fok wrote:
 > > 
 > > CLE does all the hard work, and those commercial exploiters claim all the
 > > credit.  -AÕâ¸öÊÀ½çÕæ²»¹«Æ½¡£  *sigh*$)A
 > Well, take heart; but this _is_ the real world ... 

man shapes the world.
 > I'm curious: since GPL is a legal document (I was lead to think so), has
 > there ever been a case brought to court on the violation of that? 

ahhh... dunno if u r a mainland resident? it's a joke to be frankly.
they violate (big evil powerful) microsoft's legal statement w/ full
of joy. and they can do things esr hate in his recent lt post.

afaik, gpl keeps to be a virgin to the court worldwide.

i'm not working for any commercial (linux) company.

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