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Re: [FYI] ¤å ¤Æ ¶Ç «H §ë ¸ê ¤@ ¤d ¸U ¬ã ¨s ¤¤ ¤å ¾Þ §@ ¨t ²Î

On Tue, Oct 26, 1999 at 12:03:14PM +0800, hashao wrote:
|Hello debian-chinese,
|Hah! below USD100? Make Big money? Chinese only OS? Big market?
|Who will write application for it? hm....

ʼÖÕ½Á²»ÇåÖì°î¸´µÄÏë·¨...  "Èý ά ¶¯ »­ ´¦ Àí µÈ ¼¼ Êõ ×÷
Ϊ ϵ ͳ µÄ ¿ª ·¢ »ù ´¡ ¡£"£¿ ÕâÆäʵÊÇʲôÒâ˼£¿

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