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Re: cce 0.36

On Fri, Oct 15, 1999 at 10:32:35PM +0800, Arthur Que wrote:
|Hi, all
|  I want to say sth about cce 0.36.
|  1: cce 0.36 have abandoned SVGA lib, and use KON code,
|     which is more faster.
|  2: cce 0.36 has included one good input method for GB,
|     but it has no good input method for Big5.
|  3: cce 0.36 seems to have some problems with ncurses-based applications.    
|     but there has some guy had done some bugfixes for it.

Hi Arthur,

Thanks for the tips. That means 0.36 has higher performance than
0.11, that's good. How about the 'bugginess'? Are there more bugs
in 0.36 than 0.11?

Anthony Wong.   [ E-mail: hajime@asunaro.dhs.org / ypwong@debian.org ]

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